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The luxury lifestyle street wear brand PRSVR “creates a new uniform for those who follow their passions, write their own rules, and fearlessly persevere.” The designs are one of a kind and function for an upscale style and comfort. It is a staple brand for modern athletes, entertainers, and entrepreneurs.



The brand’s mission is “To Elevate, Enhance, and Educate through Fashion and Philanthropy.” The vision is to change the world through passion, resilience, sacrifice, values, and respect.

Brandon and Margaret Williamson own and operate the brands jointly as a Chicago based black owned company that launched in September of 2012. They both agree that their original goal was to create “stylish, yet functional pieces that complement a busy lifestyle”. Their PRSVR Pop Up Store took place Thursday [March 4th] evening [6Pm-9Pm] in New York City, and The Source Branded went in for an exclusive interview.


Instrumental by Adxm

Photos by John A. Gutierrez

Video by Fabian P.