Rafael Hernandez – a second-generation Puerto Rican-American from Brooklyn, New York – embodies that concept with a hip-hop sound that is so unique that it’s taking the U.S. by storm. As he has pursued a career in music, he chose to embrace the idea fully by taking on the name as his stage name. As he grew in confidence and continued to explore his sound, he found his way to Atlanta, where trap music has thrived and found its mark on a genre that is constantly re-inventing itself. The next evolution, as far as Capi-Cu is concerned, is his take of American trap music with a Puerto Rican vibe to it.

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Fame, in fact, is a dream that Capi-Cu said he dreams about nearly every day. It’s a lifestyle that he says chose him, and he’s getting closer and closer to realizing it as each day passes. In fact, his most recent single “Gramz on Gramz” has been getting a ton of attention through Atlanta and the South. It’s a song that he recorded with Baby D – an Atlanta legend. It combines hip-hop trap music with reggaton and lyrics that lift up the hustle and grind that it takes to realize success.

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