Domestic abuse is a continuous epidemic among all communities, and it can be difficult to come forward in sharing such an experience.

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Recently, 26-year-old Emily Hill came fourth to share her story about her violent ex-boyfriend, Wayne E. Carter Jr. Last February, the abusive relationship entered a new level that eventually led to his arrest.

Hill claims that on February 12th, she saw Carter standing in her bedroom doorway before he went on a jealous rage. He ended up beating her up for over three hours combining punches, strangling, and stabbing. She told news that he intentionally wanted to attack her appearance and verbally said wicked things during the beating.


“I’m going to make you so ugly that no one ever wants you again,” Hill recalled Carter saying.

She later called police after she convinced him to stop beating her and he left the apartment. Carter is now in jail serving a 25-year sentence for the three hours of pain and lifetime trauma he has inflicted on her.

“When you choose to forgive those who hurt you, you forever take away their power,” Hill read aloud at Carter’s sentencing last month.