As the release date of his highly anticipated album The Wild approaches, Raekwon is continuing to hit fans with the heat.

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On Thursday (Mar. 9), Raekwon dropped his latest single “My Corner” featuring Lil’ Wayne. The G Sparkz produced track is a “flashback to them good ol’ terrible blocks, and we take you back to all-black outfits,” Raekwon said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “This record must be played at high volume.”

Rae also explained why he teamed up with Weezy for the collab, letting fans know Wayne’s lyricism and charisma ultimately led to the decision to bring the heat.


“Wayne is a charismatic individual and his flows are dumb delightful” Raekwon continued.  “I studied him way back and appreciated the opportunity to trade bars with him.   I always heard his voice on this and I was very pleased hearing him tap dance on a different style of production.”

G Sparkz builds “My Corner” around a simple loop, synthesizers and rigid drums before the two MCs come in with hardcore lyrics and flow.  Raekwon raps with calm charisma, maintaining his tone between the verses and chorus. Wayne, taking a cue from The Chef, smoothed out his delivery and rapped with tight, rhythmic focus for roughly a minute straight.Weezy definitely shows fans during his verse why he’s still considered one of the hardest lyricists in the game.

“We about to break ’em down like when hammers hit boulders/If one of us go down, then we keep our lips frozen/Who that n**** with, blood?/Make him spit blood/He don’t got no name but the n**** that he hit does,” he spits. Raekwon wraps it all up with a second verse, alluding to his stamina right away, saying “I seen it all, done it all, and I’m still doin’ it/Who gave you crime action stories live from the bricks?/Now it’s more diamonds, more bread, more bitches, more.”

Preorder The Wild here and stream “My Corner” below.