BR Malie is a humble laid back artist that knows how to touch people’s soul with his sound. His love for hip hop started when he discovered that he had leadership qualities to change the world with. With his unique style and ability to make smooth classic records everybody could vibe to, it didn’t t take much to gain support.

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Many of you may know him from the top web series Money & Violence. This opportunity helped BR Malie to be able to open up many doors, all the while being responsible for providing a platform for many artists to use like Manolo Rose did before blowing up.

As the young rising star prepares to release his new debut mixtape/album, he decided to bless his fans with an exclusive new single called “Flatbush” ft. Mitch & Young Litty. This record has a west side type of feel to it, while BR Malie still represents and holds it down for the east side. If you like Nipsey Hussle and Curren$y, you’re gonna feel this track right here. Tell a friend to tell a friend that BR Malie can do a lot more than just acting.


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