As the war of words continue to escalate, “Chuck” decides to call out LaVar on the hardwood floor.

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LaVar Ball has been the talk of sports media as he’s been criticized and critiqued as the insane parent who is doing an amazing job of creating a insane illusion of how great their child is in sports. As you may know, LaVar recently came out and demanded an outrageous deal for his family that consisted of 10 years, $ 1 billion dollars. As talented as his sons are (LiAngelo, LaMelo and Lonzo), people are just looking at LaVar as a deranged over-the-top parent who is just trying to eat off of his children’s success. Once word got out about his offer, Charles Barkley decided to challenge Mr. Ball to a game of 1-on-1 on ESPN’s Radio’s Mike & Mike. Chuck went on the air and had this to say.

Once I found out he averaged two points a game [in college]. … Listen, you need to slow your roll .He says I didn’t win a championship. I said to myself, I need to go back and Google this guy, because maybe I missed the Ball era, when he was dominating and winning championships everywhere else. Listen, I’m too old and fat to play basketball, but I’ll challenge Mr. Ball to a one-on-one. How about that?I don’t even know how old he is — he’s got to be around my age — but no guy who averaged two points a game can beat me at one-on-one. I’m positive of that.

Word got out that LeVar played for Washington State University and the media had a field day with a plethora of hilarious gifs and memes. When Ball heard about Barkley’s challenge, he had this to say:


He wants to play one-and-one and all this, and he says I averaged two points, ‘Who cares? I know he don’t want to play one-on-one because he’s too big. He better stay behind that TNT thing … and eat them doughnuts.

If these two decided to meet up on the court, the fans would have their money on Chuck as the public are slowly become sick and tired of Ball’s antics as his eldest son, Lonzo’s season is in process as he plans to lead his UCLA team to a Final Four appearance in this year’s NCAA Tournament.