The Indiana Pacers’ Glenn Robinson III, is making it do what it do this season. The NBA’s reigning slam dunk champion is also putting up career numbers: 6.2 points. 3.6 rebounds in 21.2 minutes of action.

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His confidence is sky-high. After winning this year’s NBA Slam Dunk Competition at NBA All Star Weekend in New Orleans, he’s been impressive on the defensive end as a key reserve on the Pacers’ bench and  earlier this month, he knocked down a game winning basket with 0.6 remaining against the Atlanta Hawks.

Check Out Glenn Robinson III chatting about his future on Scoop B Radio.


A son of former NBA All-Star and Milwaukee Bucks small forward, Glenn Robinson, Glenn Robinson III is carving out a niche for himself. He believes that sound advice that his father gave him and watching his dad live the NBA lifestyle set him up for his current life is an NBA player. Robinson remembers lessons his dad taught him leading up to the NBA Draft in 2014. “He just told me, ‘just enjoy it, you’ll never get another draft process again,” Glenn Robinson III told Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson.

“You won’t have to go through this again. You’ll never get another draft day.” He talks about his all the time.” 

Appearing on the Scoop B Radio Podcast earlier today, Glenn Robinson III  chatted about legacy, carrying the family name and being a second generation baller! “You know, I’ve really gotten used to it,” he said on Scoop B Radio.

 “When I was younger, I really didn’t understand why people are comparing me and why everything I did had to be compared to him. But growing up, I realized that – that’s my name. I can’t change it and I love it and having someone there who can give me that type of advice; and he’s been through that whole process and where I’m trying to go – he’s been through, he’s definitely motivated me. So, I don’t look at it as a negative thing. I always look at it as a positive thing, I’m following my own footsteps, I’m making my own footsteps, I’m not really following his. You know, I think I’m really starting to know that for myself and creating my own name. A lot of people call me GR3, it’s kind of breaking off from the whole “Glenn Robinson” … of course people are going to associate me and my dad but I think I’m really doing the job of still being myself.”

Glenn Robinson III was waived by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2014, his rookie season. The Philadelphia 76ers, acquired him off waivers, but he wasn’t a solid fit. From there, he found his way to the NBA’s Summer League, suiting up for the Indiana Pacers.  He signed with Indy, found a role with the team as a solid reserve and hasn’t looked back.

The Pacers, at 35-33 are a 6th seed in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Possessing a nucleus that includes Robinson III along with Paul George, Jeff Teague, Thaddeus Young, Myles Turner and Monta Ellis, they’re exciting to watch. Stay