Rapper, Pusha T misses the 90s Knicks.

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Appearing on today’s episode of Scoop B Radio Overtime, the rapper discussed some of his all-time favorite sports uniforms. Appearently the days of Starks, Mason, Oakley and Ewing resonate with him.  “Definetly the Knicks, of course,” Pusha T said.

What stood out to King Push the most was both the synergy of movie director, Spike Lee and Patrick Ewing. Lee, a lifer and courtside seat holder at MSG had the constant dialogue with player’s from opposing teams. *Insert Reggie Miller*


And Ewing played 17 years in the NBA, (15 as a Knick) where he finished his career averaging 21 points and 9.8 rebounds per game. “For example, like, the Knicks, if I was messing with the Knicks, it was like there was a Ewing component to it or a Spike Lee component to it.” Pusha T told Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson.

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“They were so culturally relevant at the time. They were champions of the team and they were like to me, cool guys! So I was like oh man, this is fresh. Anything they put on was fresh. They were definetly representing the Knicks organization at that time.”

Pusha T admires the Knicks’ hustle and muscle from yesteryears, so do so many New Yorkers. The club has just three winning seasons in the past 16 years. At 27-42, the Knicks stand are 12th in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. After the loss to the Nets last night at MSG, they officially clinched their fourth consecutive losing season.