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Last week, at SXSW the Treble House hosted an onslaught of amazing up-and-coming talent in the music community, providing fans and artists alike with with non-stop live performances and interactions.

True to Treble’s nature, the party house featured a true collaboration of grassroots collectives from NY, LA, CHI, and Austin, and amazing artists on the Treble platform, creating an unforgettable week of music. Marquee performances include: Taylor Bennett, Supa Bwe, The Skins, and more, with a variety of special guests.



(Shot by Conscious)

Some other artists who came by throughout the week included Supa BWE, Smino, Monte Booker, Adrian Grenier, Dally Auston (of SaveMoney), Andre Power, Melo Makes Music, Hood Rich Pablo, and K Supreme.

With just a shoestring budget, a team of artist volunteers and their digital community of creatives on the app – pulled off something unlike anything else at the festival…essentially a “country club” for music makers and the go to spot where artists at SXSW went to hang out, collaborate, record, and shoot.

Treble was created to help artists easily discover collaborators, find talent resources, and navigate the global music-making world. Treble is physical and digital. It hosts concerts and events, and has an app where the community can connect online. The Treble app is currently invite-only.

SXSW was only the beginning, so stay tuned for their events in NY and all across the country, along with the full scale launch of their digital platform this summer!


(Shot by Mr. E Babylon)

Cover Pic credit: (Shot by Mark “Sol” Lubin)