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Anybody that is familiar with battle rap knows that there is a certain level of excitement and anticipation that comes along with each event. Well, right about now those levels are very high and for good reason. On April 8th the URL (Ultimate Rap League) will be hosting one of its biggest events of the year, N.O.M.E. 7 (Night Of Main Events).



The URL staff couldn’t have come up with a more fitting name for this event. Battlers compete on events of a smaller magnitude in hopes of locking down a spot on the N.O.M.E. or Summer Madness cards, Summer Madness being the URLs other premier event of the year.

The matchups that are seen on cards like these typically hold more weight than the average battle event and this year the competition level of the featured battlers is extremely high as expected. This years match ups include:

Brizz Rawsteen vs Ill Will

Ave vs Shotgun Suge

Goodz vs T-Top

Tay Roc vs Chess

T-Rex vs K-Shine

This star studded event goes down at Irving Plaza in New York City on April 8th. Fans interested in seeing the event live can do so by purchasing tickets at Ticketmaster.com and typing “Ultimate Rap League” in the search box. Tickets for these events sell out fast so be sure to purchase your tickets A.S.A.P. to be a part of history in the building!