Manny Halley, who was known for managing top stars like Young Jeezy, Keyshia Cole, and Nicki Minaj, was recently fired from managing Young Thug. Last week David Weise, who is Young Thug business manager made false claims about Manny Halley stealing money, engaging in fraud activity, and forging signatures on contracts.

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The Shade Room and many other blogsites exposed this information to the public and now Young Thug’s former manager is forced to take legal action.

Acccording to Manny Halley, his postion as a regular manager only requires him to book tours, get the artist endorsement deals, and manage the artist career. He is currently suing David Weise for tarnishing his name and damaging his brand. View the original post from where other blogsites got their story from below:


It all started when Weise’s company sent an email in December to a bunch of people, claiming Manny had racked up more than $200k in unauthorized charges. The email got picked up by various urban blogs, and Manny says it’s ruined his rep in the community.

Manny says the $200k was for YT’s private jets for his concert tour.

Manny says he knows what’s up … claiming the Weise company bungled YT’s financial affairs to the point his cell phone service and the lights in his home were shut off.

And Manny says before he got trashed he tried to get the Weise company fired, so that’s when they used the email as a preemptive strike.