The Mecca of HBCU’s Howard University is facing a campus dispute between students and a white professor. On March 9th the unnamed white professor took the opportunity to humiliate one of the Black students during a lecture on Frederick Douglass.

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To thuroughly show what occurred during slavery, the professor participated in a live interaction. The professor selected one of two black men in the room and classified his physical features from the perspective of a slave master. Immediately students became upset and asked him to stop, yet he continued.

One of the students told sources that the teacher gave an insincere apology.


“It’s OK, I’m uncomfortable too; I’m white.” Said the unnamed professor.

The professor then caused the most anger from students when he asked the young man to turn around so that the class could examine his buttocks.

It became such a heated issue from the class demonstration that Howard University was forced to conduct an investigation. Students want the professor terminated.