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Retired NBA Player Derek Anderson on LaMelo Ball:

“He Didn’t Come Past Half Court Like Half The Time.”

All everybody is talking about these days is LaVar Ball and his sons LaMelo Ball and Lonzo Ball. LaVar, of course has been the topic of conversation when he talked about the parenting of both the Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James. Curry downplayed it; James responded with a resounding:


“Keep my family’s name out of your mouth.”

Alrighty then…In other news, former Cleveland Cavalier, Derek Anderson chatted with the Scoop B Radio Podcast.
He weighed in on a few things: wanting to dunk on Patrick Ewing like Michael Jordan did when he went baseline against the former Knick in the NBA Playoffs. He also discussed his speaking to students at the A&M Sports Academy in Manhattan and the state of the Ball family.

Apparently, he’s not impressed with the 92 points that LaMelo Ball scored in a high school game. During the interview, Anderson talked about the state of AAU culture.

“AAU coaches just let their players do anything instead of teach them and train them. So now they don’t have any discipline.”

As for LaMelo Ball, Derek Anderson stated to Scoop B,

“You look at that one kid who had 92 points,  but he didn’t come past half court like half the time. Do you think our coaches would let us do that? No. He would have been all over us ‘Get back on defense play hard.’ But now there are so many coaches that let players be good so he can get a name and I think that is the issue with AAU. If they just roll the balls out and say: ‘who ever is talented go do it.’ And I think that is where AAU is failing us. The coaches aren’t demanding excellence. Therefore there is none.”
Anderson won a NCAA National Championship as a member of Kentucky in 1996 coached by Rick Pitino and teamed with Antoine Walker. Anderson, a first round pick in the 1997 by the Cleveland Cavaliers, spent 10 years in the NBA, averaging 12 points and also winning the NBA Finals with Shaquille O’Neal and Dwyane Wade in 2006.