Style Sector links up with the rising Atlanta-based rapper K $upreme during his studio session in NYC for an exclusive personal style interview. Check out the full editorial below and more about his overall personal style!

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ksup21 What does Style mean to you?


“Style means how you carry yourself, how you rock your clothes. Not necessarily just clothes but more about how you wear your clothes including accessories and things like that.”


Q: Are there prominent brands you favor & why?

“Balmain, the old Balmain , the fit fits me. I like numba nine, Ian Connor, it’s Japanese made so it fits me. I like old Jordan’s not too much of the new ones.”


Q: How would you describe your style?

“Street-wear, a lot of street wear older street wear tbh.”


Q: What do you feel makes your style so unique?

“My style is unique because I don’t have to try hard , I just like what I like – I like a lot of cozy stuff like sweats.”


Producer/Editor: Venus Rose

Photographer: Fabian Pecheco