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Today in Source News Flash: Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo became the first streaming-only album to be certified platinum. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz received top honors on Monday night during the 8th annual Brooklyn Artists Ball. Yesterday, April 4th, marked 9th anniversary of Beyoncé’s and Jay Z wedding – as a gift to her husband the singer shared new song and video “Die With You” and stole our hearts, again…

Nike’s two most iconic models Air Max 95 and Air Huarache got revamped with “Dusted Clay colorway, uppers boasting buttery nubuck, suede, mesh and canvas in a sophisticated brown and pink color scheme. KITH released Delivery II of their Spring collection with classic silhouettes in cool colors of white, beige and gray.


Kendall Jenner’s newest Pepsi campaign sparked controversy. In the ad, Jenner is seen participating in a photo shoot and becomes distracted by a group of protesters. She decides to join them, and toward the end, comes face-to-face with a stoic police officer. She offers him a Pepsi and he accepts the drink before cracking a smile.

Russell  just tied Big O scoring 41 triple-doubles.

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