We know you’re from Africa and all, but as you see, Black women will band together if you try to come for one of them. At least on Twitter.

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French Montana found that out the hard way last night when he responded to a Black woman who put French’s relevance in the music world into question.


The Bad Boy squad member clapped back with the quickness and wit, but many say that his response was way over the top and offensiva to say the least to Black women.


Needless to say, the French dragging came soon after.

The Moroccan-born rapper defended himself by saying that he isn’t anti-black because his son is Black and he was born in and lived in Africa for 13 years of his life.

He went on to apologize, but it was obvious that the damage was already done.

And of course, nobody was ever going to let Montana get the last word and very few accepted the apology.