Shavar Footman’s rap name describes how powerful he is as an artist and person. After listening to his new single “Pull Up”, it is clear why he would call himself Black Da Great. His belief system is at an all time high when it comes to his dreams.

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You can hear the passion in his voice and delivery, as he speaks about the upscale lifestyle he wants to live. It is well known that mostly everyone raps about having money, cruising in foreign cars, and getting all the sexy ladies to take a liking in them, but Black Da Great makes you believe that he is already living the life he raps about.

Black Da Great is not just a living testimony of reaching for the stars, he is a leader, and an inspiration for his people. It is highly recommended that you check out his new single since this is a song to flex with now that the weather is getting warmer. He also has another single out called “G-Talk” that he is currently shooting a video for. In the meantime, check out “Pull Up” below: