Romo…..For Three?!

With news finally getting out that Tony Romo will be joining the CBS Sports team as the lead NFL analyst, it seems like the former Cowboys franchise quarterback has been an hot commodity in the sports galaxy. Recently, the Dallas Mavericks will honored Tony’s great success and contribution to Cowboys football by signing and letting him suit up in uniform in the Mavericks season finale tomorrow against the Denver Nuggets. Don’t be surprised Romo might just see some minutes in the game as his former high school basketball teammate Caron Butler have raved about Romo’s ability to drop buckets.

Butler, an 2-time NBA All Star and former Big East Player Of The Year award winner told’s Todd Archer & Marc Stein that Tony can shoot, handle the ball well and had a overall knack for scoring.


He was a really good football player, obviously, being a quarterback. He was great at golf. And he was really good at basketball. Obviously it worked out for him with the football, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if he would have made it playing basketball. He had a great feel for the game, man. And it’s not surprising. Golf is a cerebral game; you gotta have that mental component to conquer the course. And then football’s the same thing; you gotta be able to think on the fly and do all these things. And then basketball, I thought, all those components worked together.

Romo averaged 24.3 points, 8.8 rebounds and 4.7 assists a game en route to joining Butler as selectees to the All-Racine County basketball team in Wisconsin during the 1998 season. Instead of pursuing the hoop dream in college, Romo decided to try the pigskin route to greatness by playing for Eastern Illinois before landing in Dallas where the rest is history. But imagine if Romo was a two-star athlete like the greats before him such as Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson, or Charlie Ward. He would’ve definitely open the flood gates of a new breed of gun slingers and long range drainers.