One New York-based start-up tech company is making the process of looking and making your wrist hotline bling. Starting at $199 per month, VYRENT is giving folks the opportunity to access their favorite watches anywhere from one week to a year.

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Think Hublot, think Rolex, Cartier, and Audemars Piguet; they have it all! Joining VYRENT’s membership allows folks to rent and change every 30 days!

Say what?


You read right! Every 30 days!

So you’re probably reading this and thinking: why rent when you can buy?

Well, it has often been said that nothing compliments an outfit or makes a fashion statement better than with a timepiece that compliments it. That said, with the current economy rebounding many people are looking to be as cost effective as possible. VYRENT is looking to make it’s mark in timepiece rental; which isn’t being done ordinarily.

Over the last few years, some companies have entered this market, but VYRENT’s goal seems to have similar aspiration by becoming what AirBnB is to homes and what Turo is for cars. Simply put: VYRENT is giving consumers access to connect directly to vendors.

Think about it: now, vendors such as Joe’s Watches in Minnesota can seamlessly upload his idle inventory, allowing consumers throughout the country to quickly access a variety of luxury watches.

That’s kind of cool.

Earlier this year, VYRENT partnered with NYC LUXURY, a celebrity jewelry and watch retailer. Gavriel, NYC LUXURY’s  CEO & Founder chatted about his journey and the future of this business. He has a cool story, as well. By the way, he credits Jacob The Jeweler as one of his biggest influences! You know who Jacob The Jeweler is! He’s the guy who designed the timepiece with the different time zones and the ‘Jesus piece’ that The Notorious B.I.G. first rocked and then Kanye West, Nas and other notable figures began sporting.

But I digress.

What stands out unequivocally about Gavriel is how many jobs he had before he became a celebrity jeweler. Gavriel came to the USA in the early 90s. A refugee from Uzbekistan after the collapse of the Soviet Union. His parents immigrated to the US for religious freedoms and overall a better life.

The Source: Your journey coming from your native land is interesting. More impressive is taking odd jobs. What did you learn about yourself in that process?

Gavriel: I’ve been a valet parker, bartender, waiter, a busboy, lifeguard, swimming instructor. I even worked at Victoria’s Secret in loss prevention. I learned that if you want to make it big, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist. You just need to be your own boss and work for yourself.

The Source: Do you find that athletes and entertainers are as interested in your renting service as are regular working people?

Gavriel: We have noticed that athletes and people in the entertainment industry are more likely to rent and lease then even the average person, due to the fact that they’re high incomes aren’t always not guaranteed. They also have an image to keep up with, they like to constantly have new and up to date models. They wanna always be seen in something new. With Vyrent, they have no or short commitments and have programs to have new watches and jewelry every 30 days.

The Source: What are the pros and cons of renting rather than buying?

Gavriel: With VYRENT, a client can have a new look every 30 days and can have a whole collection with a small monthly payment.

Vyrent’s rental policy seems to be simple: Rent, Rock, Return, Repeat. For more information on Vyrent and their rental program visit: