T.I. has been making the press lately from his separation with Tiny to his questionable Tupac-inspired outfit. Tip recently added wood to the fire by revealing that he started trap music during an interview with Angie Martinez: “A lot of people they don’t really […] know that I created trap music”.

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The self-proclaimed King of the South claims that he labeled the genre with his sophomore album Trap Muzik in 2003:

Because the first album I did […] people who heard it they didn’t know where I was from. ‘Is he from Atlanta? He raps too good. Is he from New York? Where is he from.’ So, Trap Muzik was like establishing a sound, like this is who I am.

Tip also announced that he was slate to release two albums this year. One solo album and another with Hustle Gang. Check out the interview in its entirety below: