The world of hip hop & rap is nearly impossible for an up and coming artist to navigate. Yet one Mixtape Host by the name of Fortune Boomin seems to have run the gamut and published countless successful Mixtapes/Albums and even launched his own label and brand. Fortune has been featured on several blogs including the famed Baller Alert, all of which seem to agree that Fortune Boomin is the hottest Mixtape Host in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area.

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To help facilitate his success and the successes of other rising rappers, Fortune has launched his own label and brand named Stay Boomin, producing the hottest tapes every day. The website currently accepts music submissions for those looking to be featured. Additionally, any of Fortunes fans are welcome to enjoy the free playlists of his music and the music of others located on the website.

As for Fortune’s personal style of music, it is simply phenomenal. The combination of crafted beats that feature the funniest, most creative, and hardest base drops alongside with Fortune’s ingenious lyrical play. The genre alternates between something akin to lo-fi hip hop and banging trap tracks. Those who have a similar style are welcome to submit their music to Stay Boomin, to be featured by Fortune himself.


While Fortune is without a doubt the hottest mixtape host in the DMV tri-state area, he does ceed that there is one person who may have him beat: Dj Khaled. Dj Khaled is clearly a role model for Fortune. In Fortune’s words “literally my only competition down the road will be Dj Khaled and I look up to Dj Khaled.” However, Fortune hopes that he and his brand will eventually surpass Dj Khaled as the most boomin Mixtape Host in the world.

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