For anybody forgetting to set their alarms at night: it’s time to wake up and stop sleeping on Vinny Cha$e. Vinny defines New York City’s hip-hop culture; implementing that classic hip-hop aesthetic while developing his own trends as an all around icon in both music and fashion. He brilliantly exhibits all of these aspects in his newest visual for “Bank Run“.

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Known for his consistent catalog of material and crisp visuals, Vinny might have raised the bar a notch on this one! The successful musician makes it clear to viewers that the city is his, as he nonchalantly hangs out the door of his car as him and his camera crew glide through the city streets. The innovative new video was directed by V Cha$e himself and Palamora.

The two directors bring fans a movie, as the crisp visuals and slick punchlines give those viewers a full on experience. Take a look at Vinny Cha$e’s stunning new visual for “Bank Run” here: