We have King James, the dominant force on the court. Now, we have “LeBron The Hooping A&R”, who has a ear to mesmerizing slam dunk hits.

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Earlier today, LeBron James had the social media in a frenzy and in rare occasion, it is not because of his phenomenal play on the hardwood floor or his super-duper generous philanthropy. But the 13x NBA All Star seems to have an intrusive ear to today’s rap game as he is slowly attempt to become the street’s credited source of what new hip hop songs are expecting to do numbers. An prime example is today, on social media outlets such as Instagram, Bron Bron played snippets of Kendrick Lamar‘s latest project called “DAMN“. As he and his Cavs are gearing up for an #2 vs.#7 matchup with Paul George‘s Indiana Pacers, the King is finding K-Dot’s new music as motivational music to lead his Cavs to another NBA Finals appearance.


DAMN“, the name of Kendrick’s 6th LP is expected to be release tomorrow. This is just right around the corner for LeBron to show fans that his Cleveland squad has everything together and have finally got rid of the kinks that led them to a disappointing 2nd half finish to their regular season. With Bron Bron giving his fans an nice taste of what to expect from the GKMC artist, it seems like a win-win when you found motivation to dominate and sharing the joy of new content to an already dope, competitive hip hop scene that’s s occurring today.