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Bronx rhymesayer, Jae Tips is riding the wave of his well-received Hypebeast 3 mixtape and accompanying tour. He’s released visuals for “My City”, a celebratory track about New York City (think “Homecoming” by Kanye West), which also pays homage to the now-defunct HBO series How To Make It In America. Tips explained:

On December 21, 2011, HBO canceled one of the most influential TV shows ever. How to Make It in America was a show ahead of its time that followed two characters – Ben and Cam – as they rose from New York City Streets to launch their own clothing line. The show depicted the trials and tribulations that come with chasing your dreams in the Big City, managing your priorities and still dealing with it all while the odds are stacked against you. Its diverse cast represented the city I know, but TV  is in the business of ratings and viewership, not influence and representation, so the show was bounced after only two seasons. Nothing in TV has been able to fill the void that How to Make It in America has left. This video is my tribute to the show and how it changed my life forever.

“My City” was produced by lucciwashere and Yonaton Watts, and video is direct by StoopsNY. Watch the visual above.