As a young man, girl-crazy artist Rosewood Renegade watched his brother rap and noticed that music brought the attention of the ladies. Eager to garner some of that attention for himself, the rapper tried his hand at music himself only to discover that he had a real knack for wordplay. What started as a ploy for female attention is now a movement, and with the help of manager Phil Jackson, the artist is ready to set the world ablaze with his witty lyricism and passion. His newest single, “Money Mitch,” is bound to make its way to the top of charts everywhere and into the eager ears of fans.

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Renegade draws inspiration from everywhere – from old to new, from Jay Z to Garth Brooks, the artist doesn’t even like to be called a rapper, anxious to make music no matter the genre. “I’m an artist, he explains, “You can’t put me in a box. You can put me on a song with anyone, and I’ll deliver.” And deliver is exactly what Renegade has done with his newest single, “Money Mitch,” which was released on March 10th. The song is derived from a sample of the movie “Paid in Full.” The song, which Renegade ran with and created musical mastery, is about “taking nothing and turning it into something.” This is what Renegade prides himself on being able to do, and the song is a debut to the world. A symbol of his entrance into a community of musical genius. The song also chronicles the artist’s desire to take those he loves with him on the road to success. “The whole goal for me is for my family,” confesses Renegade, “It’s to better everyone’s situation. And when I say family – I mean more than blood. If I grew up with you and we have a bond, we’re family.”