All hell is about to be raised in the Big Apple.

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The New York Knicks woes are becoming worse by the moment as fans and analysts are becoming more irate by the moment. Recently, their president of basketball operations Phil Jackson have recently came out to the public and said he wants Carmelo Anthony to play elsewhere. The comment raised so much eyebrows that Melo responded back with a troll of a meme on his Twitter account. In addition, the NBAP Union have complained to management about Jackson of his mistreatment of Carmelo by wanting the league to discipline Phil for publicly bashing the scoring sensation which on the contrary if the shoe was on the other foot, Melo would’ve been fine heavily. Now it looks like things have really hit the fan if ESPN First Take co host Stephen A. Smith addressed his opinion about the matter. On yesterday’s edition of First Take, the longtime NBA critic voiced how he feels about Phil and the Knicks recent antics. Check out the video below in which die hard #KnicksTape fans can agree with as change in the behind the scenes of the Garden must happen now.