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Shoe designer, John Geiger is gearing up for a limited re-release of his black/white 001’s which is his first original sneaker. The guy who came out the box revamping sneaker culture with sneaker customization’s for athletes like Iman Shumpert, Chad Johnson and many more has expanded his resume with the John Geiger Collection.

We got a chance to catch-up with the busy guy as he pitches on his time at Art Basel, his first thoughts of wanting to customize sneakers, the creative process for his collections, the black sueded python dropping this summer and much more. He says “the 001 is a high end shoe, but still comfortable and mobile like a sneaker.” The shoe will release at Noon on at a set price of $595.


The Source: Hows Everything going for you?


John Geiger: I’m good I’m home in Miami at the moment, I got a million things going on at once but that’s pretty usual for me. I’m enjoying the weather and enjoying being home for a few weeks.

For the people who don’t know who you are, give them some insight?

JG: I would just say Designer at the moment, The word is so over used but designing to me is nothing more then having a certain idea and fully making it into a product people can see, touch and feel. Like bringing it full circle, and that’s basically what I’m doing.

Where were you when you thought of the idea to start customizing sneakers?

JG: I never really looked at it as customizing, It was more for me to get some ideas out and what other way than using shoes that were already made, Thus why I have my own Signature Line now. I hated being labeled “customizer” it took away from the designer label a bit. But overall it was a stepping stone to get where I’m at currently.

Did you see the vision of your success happening before you blew up?

JG: I’m pretty humble, not sure if I’m saying I blew up but yes everything I’m doing now is everything I imagined I would be doing. Very blessed to say the least.

When did you realize you was out here, did a certain celebrity or public figure hit you up for some kicks?

JG: As far as when I did customs alot of celebs bought them, and wanted them. But it was more when I released my own line, the love I got from alot of people ranging from Ocho Cinco to Iman Shumpert etc, I knew that I designed something dope and it was just the start.

What is the creative process behind your collections?

JG: My creative process usually starts with a void in my life, for my collection it was about bringing high end quality together with a street/sneaker feel. I think that’s what the 001 is and that was the creative force behind it.

We see you were at Art Basel,  how was it this year?

JG: Art Basel for me is always hectic, I live in Miami full time so i’m here every year. This past year I released a pair of shoes, and was also apart of copa Adidas event. Overall is was a successful Basel.

Tell us about your upcoming release of the Black/white 001’s dropping this Saturday from your footwear line?

JG: It was void in the market to me, I would buy high end shoes and they would be uncomfortable and i just seen a avenue to pursue. The 001 is a high end shoe, but still comfortable and mobile like a sneaker.

What about the Black Sueded Python dropping this Summer? Tell us a bit about that release.

JG: One of my favorite thus far, I never like shiny python and how it looks. I went a different route and got sueded python, just making it more lux, they will actually be the next release after Saturday and we are looking at a mid June release.

What was your latest cop?

JG: I really only wear my own shoes at the moment, so its usually a shoe no one has seen yet that I like to bust out and wear in public. Always gotta keep people guessing.

Us being the Source Magazine, it’s only right we ask which albums were your favorite this year or what you’re currently bumping?

JG: Mostly, K dot, Future, and Drake its always whats out at the time I listen to the most.

You can purchase the Black/White 001’s at Noon on