K. Michelle opens up in a recent xoNecole article about her past insecurities and what pressured her to get surgery.

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“I remember looking at the beautiful models [on Instagram] and thought how I didn’t look like them at all and I thought they were naturally born like that! I picked on everything on my body; teeth, waist, breasts, bottom, but I still was looking at this hurt person, ” K. said. 

She says that her old mindset is in the past and she now wants the “natural Kimberly again” – therefore removing her fake butt.


K. hopes to be a better role model for other women who are dealing with similar insecurities and encourage them to consider other options.


“Get to the core of what’s making them have low self-esteem. What happened in your life that made you feel that way?”

“For me, it was a lack of love for myself from men and it made me feel worthless and you got to get a grip on you. If you want a new butt, get that, but take it from me, don’t get so depressed and feel as if you’re not worthy because we’re all here for a reason. But you have to determine why. Why do you want that? I know I did and it wasn’t for the right reason.” She said.