Gainesville’s favorite stoner BR3ADGANG Blazel has a very unique style. Blazel has a sound like no other. The best way to describe his sound would be a gritty New York street style with southern swag over melodic 808 west coast beats. Blazel brings the cool back in an era where being the loudest gains the most attention.

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This mixtape would be the perfect jam session, especially for that heavy stoner. The mixtape features ten tracks. Blazel has songs on the mixtape with: Ke$hon VA, Spiffy Vuitton, & Veezy Da Kid, B. Dubb & a few others. One of the most popular singles on the mixtape he says is “Weed And Friends” The vibe of the song is great, it gives you a great feeling when listening to it.

As far as our take on the new mixtape titled “SideShowBlazel 2,” it has a blend of tracks that you can turn up to, and lay back and chill to. The single “Roll With Me” produced by Savaane is reminiscent of a 2pac, west coast, jazzy track. “Brazy” is also a mellow track with the smooth sounds and lyrics that will leave you feeling not only soothed but unbothered by whatever stresses of the day. He also has a track you can turn up to called “Play$” that you can turn up to which is reminiscent of the highly successful rap group Migos.


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