Last Sunday [April 23rd], a young girl escaped a kidnapping incident outside of her grandmother’s home. According to Chicago police a man tried to put a plastic bag over her head and abduct her.

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This unnamed young girl’s mother Cheniece Kidd says it’s routine to take her family to her mother’s house for Sunday dinner. The children normally play outside while the dinner is being prepared. But this time Cheniece’s daughter came running inside distraught as she told ABC 7.

“You could see in her face something was wrong. She is not a crybaby, so she wasn’t crying. She was just confused of the incident that took place.”


The suspect was described as a 5-foot-five Black male around 40 years old with a medium frame. Police say the man tried to place a bag over head until she kicked her way out and ran home.

Although frightened by the incident, Cheniece is proud to have her daughter safe and to know that she’s a fighter!