Recently, New Jersey is on the hip hop scene in a major way with the onslaught of talent coming from the Garden State. Legends like Redman, Naughty By Nature, Queen Latifah helped pave the way. Joe Buddens proudly represented NJ in his music. Artists like Fetty Wap, Fat Boy SSE, and now Da$h are ushering in a new wave of hip hop that is having and may continue to have an impact on the game for years to come. The We Made It NYC collective released their latest video where they meet up Da$h in New Jersey to talk about his entrance in the hip hop game and the type of moves he is making today. Dash hails from the city of Patterson, NJ, the same city that Fetty Wap is from. For those not familiar with New Jersey, Patterson is part of Passaic County and is the largest city in the county. Approximately 30 minutes from the George Washington Bridge, the city is an interesting juxtapose. In recent years it has been a hot bed of talent and a hot bed of violence. Just this past weekend, there were a rash of shootings according to Da$h represents a new voice for the city and got deep with We Made It NYC in their interview with him. Unfortunately, according to We Made It NYC he was arrested and is currently incarcerated.

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