Perhaps never before in Hip Hop’s storied existence has a rapper had to overcome more hardships en route to achieving “greatness” than South Carolina’s can’t miss international superstar and MC extraordinaire…Rich Gates.

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High praise – maybe, but then again, you’re not “Rich Gates.”

And you most definitely haven’t lived his hellish life. Using music as an escape from a life of crime and negativity is what now has Rich Gates on the verge of being a global household name. 
Blessed with the rare ability to create timeless classics that challenges the mind while soothing the soul is the badge of honor so proudly worn by a truly gifted songwriter whose lyrics are so vivid that listeners can’t help but feel as if they’re going through whatever he’s rapping.
Influenced most by Hip Hop legends: Cam’ron, Mase, Jay Z along with the late greats “Big L” & Notorious B.I.G. also represents the level of success sought by Rich Gates who to date has logged an eye-popping 50 show performances and counting. Check out his latest mixtape titled Do It For Dunk below: