The Roc is still alive

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Eaarlier this month, Lil Wayne confirmed that he is in fact a part of Roc Nation. After saying F Cash Money on numerous occasions, Wayne officially joined the Roc team. The rapper first discussed connections with the Roc at a Slippery Rock University show earlier this month. Shortly after he spoke with Skip Bayless about the connection but was very vague about what some would call a “proper deal” with Roc Nation. Wayne did however, did say Jay Z was doing all he could to help.

During a show in Dallas last night, Wayne wasted no time in showcasing his affiliation with Roc Nation. “C5 coming soon,” he told the crowd, right before he pulled the F card on his former label, “F***Cash Money! It’s the Roc!” Tha Carter V has long been delayed but hearing this news straight from Wayne’s mouth is great news.


While we’re all well aware that Wayne’s feud with Cash Money is far from over he admitted that the masters for the completed Carter V are in his possession but will not be released until he settles his dispute with Cash Money. Birdman, on the other hand, still insists Tha Carter V will be released in 2017 and has pretty high hopes for him and his son. “Me and Wayne will be aight,” he told Billboard in February. “I’mma make that work. That’s my son and I love him, and we’ll make it happen.”

We just hope someone makes something happen sooner than later.