Few things in life are more powerful than Morgan Freeman’s vocals. And with the latest addition to the actor’s relationship with National Geographic, we are blessed once more with his narration.

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National Geographic got the greenlight for series The Story Of Us With Morgan Freeman. The network released The Story Of God with Morgan Freeman last year discussing world religions. With the successful of that series came inspiration to discuss more of earth’s dividing topics. This new series presents six episodes each diving into a different issues such as love, belief, power, war and peace, rebellion and freedom.

“I’ve been given the incredible opportunity to take viewers on a new global journey to understand how human culture has taken on so many remarkable forms,” Freeman said. “We’re exploring how primal forces, such as love, has shaped human culture around the world and where it will take us in the future.”


National Geographic seems to be taking note from many of the tensions taking place in modern communities as The Story Of Us and the rest of the franchise follow a pacifying approach to world issues. In this new series, creators seek “to uncover the fundamental forces that keep our societies together, and to reveal the common humanity that lies inside each one of us.” Freeman’s heavenly voice in each hour-long episode might be just the thing to get those points across. His collaborative production company with Lori McCreary, Revelations Entertainment, is also on board with the series. Freeman, McCreary, and James Younger—also of Revelations Entertainment—will act as executive producers.