Season two of Questlove’s radio show is here with new playback features and new guests.

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Last season, we all added that “Questlove Supreme” station on our Pandora’s, listening to the medley of music and interviews he conducted with industry hitters. With his eclectic music taste, Questlove knew the best vibe-bringing jams to curate to humble ears. And he show tapped guests like Solange, Usher, Chris Rocks, Q-Tip, The Revolution, Tom Silverman, and more—getting deep into the stories behind famous records and career-making moments.

Now the pressure is on to top the first season. The sophomore season of “Questlove Supreme” is already in gear, having had Babyface in the studio for its first episode. Babyface talks working with icons Prince, Toni Braxton, Bobby Brown, Boyz II Men, and Whitney Houston—plus so many more artists. Nelly Furtado, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis are expected to drop by the studio this season as well.


“Questlove Supreme” can be heard here on Pandora. New episodes are added every Wednesday at 1 p.m. EST. You can also catch up on last season.

PHOTO CREDIT: Business Wire