Chris Rock in undeniably one of the funniest comedians in the game, so when he stopped by Hot 97 to discuss his tour-things got pretty hilarious.

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During the interview with the Ebro in the Morning co-stars Peter Rosenberg and Laura Styles, Rock discussed his opinions on the first 100 days of Trump, stating that he wasn’t under overwhelmed with his performance.

“I think Trump did exactly what I thought he was going to do,” Rock said. “He came in with all of these big promises forgetting he has to run that shit through congress.”


In regards to the response that 45 is receiving from the majority of citizens in the United States, Rock feels that it’s time to look to the future and take a stance by contacting the right people and not just complain to one another.

“The problem with the left, and I am very left so I’m a part of this, but when Trump f*cks up, we complain to other people on the left,” Rock said. “We look at each other like can you believe this sh*t instead of taking time out to find the appropriate channel for our voices to be heard. What we are doing is the equivalent of losing a play in a game and instead of playing defense we start yelling at the refs; it’s like no get back on D. ”

In regards to Hip-Hop, the Top 5 movie director says that Kendrick Lamar is definitely a contender for the title of greatest of all time.

“With this album, I believe that Kendrick has entered the topic of conversation of being the greatest but we have to remember we are only three albums in but I have to say that he’s definitely in there.”

Check out the interview below.