On Monday night, the San Antonio Spurs lost Game One of their NBA Western Conference semifinals game to the Houston Rockets, 126-99.

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In his post-game press conference, Spurs’ head coach Gregg Popovich kept it plain – the Spurs lost because they didn’t execute.

More specifically: “We lost, they won,” Popovich said. “And they played better.”


Popovich has always found a way to keep it real. In a recent feature on leadership with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, Popovich told him who his inspirations were while growing up.

I think that all idols have feet of clay and I think that especially in our country, we tend to mythologize people. So I look to people that I’ve known personally, whether that’s a coach or teacher, a relative; somebody that I respect because I know them. But people who I don’t know that have been mythologized, I don’t know them much. At the top of my head, Thomas Jefferson was a great guy; he was a slave owner. You can make that similar analogy with a lot of other people who have been idolized. They all have flaws. So I go for people that I know.

Lots of meaty stuff in this interview. You can watch the full video here.