Horace Grant did not just wear googles for style during his NBA career.

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Appearing on today’s episode of Scoop B Radio Overtime. The NBA champion explained that he became legally blind in one eye earlier in his career while playing for the Chcago Bulls. Under the advisement of Bulls medical staff, the power forward who also spent time as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic and Seattle Sonics wore goggles.


Check out the exchange between Horace Grant and Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson while on Scoop B Radio Overtime.

Scoop B: Horace where the hell did you get the Rec Specs from? I always wanted to ask you this. When I played NBA Jam the arcade version I’m like: ‘Where the hell did he get these colored Rec Specs?

Horace Grant: Man, from the moon, from the stars, they came down and right in front of my locker it said Horace Grant wear these and you’ll be unique so from out of space that’s where I tell people I got them from, from outer space.

Scoop B: Did you wear them in college or is that something you strictly did when you came to the NBA?

Horace Grant: Never wore them in college. It was strictly NBA. To be honest, I was legally blind, didn’t know it, and my eye doctors from the Bulls said: ‘You know Horace try these goggles.’ And from that point on, that particular night the goggles became famous. 



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