Maryland up-and-comer Travy Nostra is well on his way to making it out of his local underground scene. With a unique style from what has become so popular among Maryland and DC rappers, Nostra is making strides to set himself apart from an area seemingly saturated with talent.

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In his single ‘Purple Rain’, Nostra tells of the less glamorous reason behind the type of life he lives. His hardcore lyrics over Shane Alexander’s melancholic production couple perfectly with director Larry Flynt’s visual representation, making for one of Nostra’s hardest tracks yet.

With this video, Nostra also gives us a taste of a short film series, also directed by Larry Flynt, that should be hitting the internet in the next coming months. That along with the anticipated release of his newest project Rap Game Nostra 2 are setting Nostra up to have quite the eventful summer. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for more to come from this young independent artist.