Everyone is looking forward to the new ‘Pac flick coming out this summer, but very few people are ready for what they’re about to see.

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A clip from All Eyez On Me premiered last night at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, showing a clip with actors Demetrius Shipp Jr. portraying a young Tupac Shakur reading a poem to long-time friend Jada Pinkett, played by Kat Graham.

“We know the famous Tupac. We know all that. We’re going to give you a splash of that too, but we’re spending our chips on that drama of: Who is this guy? Where did he come from?” said Eyez producer L.T. Hutton in a 2014 interview. “Everything else is out there. You can find that, but what you can’t find is what made this guy who he is – that earlier part, 16, 17 years old.”


The Benny Boom-directed biopic is set for release on June 16, which would have been ‘Pac’s 46th Birthday.