The Jacksonville Jaguars’ I’Tavius Mathers  had a pretty big season in his senior year. Playing at Ole Miss for three years, he ran for 1,061 yards, had 7 total touchdowns and 18 receptions.

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In his senior year as a Middle Tennesse State University transfer, he went full throttle. Mathers became the first player in NCAA history with over 1,500 yards rushing, 15 rushing TD’s, 60 receptions, all while averaging over 6.5 yards per carry.

I always told myself since I only had one year left that I need to make it my best year and to do everything I can to make it to the league. And I just kept telling myself not be to be satisfied each week and come out and be better than you were the week before.

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How did he get so focused? Apparently he wrote down his goals.

“Yeah I mean, it’s only right to go out and do your best,” Mathers told Scoop B Radio host, Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. “And, I mean, I wrote down goals in the spring time that I wanted to accomplish in the season and I just woke up and looked at them everyday in the bathroom and in my room. Then the season came and I kept looking at them and reminding myself on what I want to do and what I want to be.”

What were some of the other goals, you may ask?

I just wrote down that I wanted to be like a thousand yard rusher and then that happened. I wanted to become a better student of the game and I think that happens a lot, I am just a better football player, Ive been able to catch better obviously if you look at my stats about the catching I did a great job of that as well.