Shareef O’Neal, son of NBA Hall of Famer recently announced that he’ll attend the University of Arizona as a student athlete.

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Another O’Neal entering the hoops world? Yup, we’re all getting old!  

Lucille O’Neal, mother of Shaq, grandmother to Shareef appeared on Scoop B Radio with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson.


Asked as to whether Shaq was as talented as Shareef when he was his age, she replied: “I have to say yes.”

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“Because I’ve watched the development and it’s something that I’ve seen before. The world is seeing it because of the way that information gets out. But I’ve seen the progress, it’s in his genes he has a special gift. And he and Shaquille, I believe will be playing different positions. Shaquille was a power player in the middle of the paint, but Shareef is a finesse player and he can also play in the paint, so he’s good and his dad was good too.”