Two-time NBA champion and TNT analyst Kenny ‘The Jet’ Smith gives his expert analysis on Inside The NBA during the regular season and the NBA Playoffs.

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That’s a lot of suits!



Where do you shop bro?

“Well for me my sister had been in fashion for a long time,” he told Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson while appearing on Scoop B Radio Overtime.


“She was a buyer for Nordstrom, she was a buyer for a lot of stores, Macy’s, and men’s department stores all kinds of things. She always would tell me how: ‘oh you can’t wear that color with this, you gotta wear darks on the outside.‘ She would tell me these things and it would go in one ear and right out the other until I got older I would shop like that and then she would be like: “oh you were listening? So I gotta credit my sister and my dad for that style sense.”