While many know her as the mom of Harlem rapper, Jim Jones, Nancy Mama Jones has got a story to tell of her own.

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At 58 years old, she’s the backbone of her family, confidant and wise soul to many. Your age is how you feel! Let her tell it, she doesn’t feel a day over 21!

Oh no I never feel my age,” Mama Jones told  Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson of Scoop B Radio.


“I’m 58 and I’m really proud of my age. I thank God I’m still here and alive and I thank God for allowing me to have this nice little slim figure I’ve had since I was younger. And I thank God He made me not a bad looking girl. So, I’m satisfied, I don’t need to get any plastic surgery. I like me just the way that I am, trust me.”

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Checking in on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, Mama Jones also discussed how both appearing on Love & Hip Hop and her outgoing personality chaged her life.

Love and Hip Hop changed my life really nice and beautifully,” she said. “I can say that they gave me an opportunity for me to act and carry on and branch out and do other things than just being a reality TV star. I don’t consider myself that but that’s what my daughters say. It’s kind of hard because I still go out a lot of times by myself and my son gets very upset.”

Apparently, her popularity has gotten so big, she got a grand announcement on the loudspeaker at a local grocery store: “One time when I went in there somebody said: Mama Jones has now entered Shoprite,” she said. 

“I ended up leaving all of my groceries and everything because people were shocked when we came in there. I’m stopping to say hello to people and take pictures, but when they said that I said: I gotta go now’ and I had to leave because everybody was coming at me thinking they were getting pictures and stuff like that. But I know who the young man that said it is and he didn’t mean noharm. He was just excited that we came in there. I had to tell him: you can’t do that, that’s not nice that’s a little dangerous there. But you know, it changed our lives a little bit even for my kids even though they might not be on TV. With me putting pictures on Instagram, with my family when they walk the street people tell them I seen you on Mama Jones’ Instagram. So it changed us to where we have to be more aware especially going out into the street, that’s about it. I’m not saying somebody’s coming to harm us but you never know.”