On June 26th, the producer of Eiffel Tower and Grand Canyon Skywalk fashion phenomena just landed in the US to transform American engineering masterpiece, Hoover Dam, into the world’s newest catwalk.

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Five years and fifteen remarkable fashion productions later, supermodel Jessica Minh Anh turned entrepreneur is set to impress with the first ever fashion phenomenon atop a modern engineering masterpiece.

With an exceptional vision, Jessica Minh Anh will premiere the most exquisite haute couture and creative fashion collections from different continents on the one-hundred-metre curved runway.


No stranger to mind-blowing productions at places such as the Eiffel Tower, One World Trade Center, and Grand Canyon Skywalk, the exotic beauty will make full use of advanced technology to film and broadcast J Summer Fashion Show 2017 from every angle.

J Summer Fashion Show 2017 will not only promote design excellence, but also the tremendous energy of the young generation that matches the hydroelectric power.

Let the countdown begin.

(OFFICIAL) Jessica Minh Anh - Hoover Dam USA May 2017

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