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Carmen Ponder, crowned Miss Black Texas US Ambassador in 2016, is now calling for the removal of Kerry Crews, a North Texas police chief.

Ponder, a recent graduate of Texas A&M University and a current intern with the Hunt County District Attorney’s office, has alleged that she experienced a bout of “road rage” from Crews, police chief of Commerce, Texas.

According to Ponder, as she made her way to a localWalmart, a black truck cut in front of her and continued to brake sporadically.


Believing the driver to be drunk, Carmen decided to pass the driver in order to avoid a dangerous situation.

After parking at the Walmart, Carmen Ponder says the truck followed her to the shopping center with Crews, off-duty at the time, stepping out and scolding Ponder for passing his 14-year old daughter, who he was teaching how to drive.

After telling Crews that it was illegal for his daughter to drive, Ponders was met with a “Oh whatever, you black b-tch!”

After entering the Walmart and returning to the parking lot, Ponder alleges that Crews, one other man, and his daughter were waiting for her.

This time, the second man, apprently one of Crews’ officers, flashed a badge and demanded that Ponder apologize for “disrespecting” the chief.

Ponder refused and made her way to her car, but was grabbed by the arm and told that she was going to be detained.

Once more officers arrived on the scnene, Ponder approached them for help, but soon found herself in cuffs after the first officer ordered that they arrest her.

Now released after being held for 24 hours, Ponder also faces charges of evading arrest.

Neither Crews nor the Commerce Police Department have provided any comment on the incident.

Currently Lee Merritt, a civil rights lawyer, is representing Ponder in this matter.

“It’s just a reminder that our skin color, speaking specifically about the African-American community, is seen as something hostile, dangerous and illegal,” Merritt said.

Ponder is calling for the charge to be dropped, for Crews to be fired from his post as police chief, and for the other officers involved to face disciplinary action as well.