Artist and producer Brandon Rossi is taking a similar route that Kanye West took year years ago: becoming a producer and then killing the game as an artist.

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The Decatur, GA native was first profiled by The Source back in 2014  and like cake in the oven, he’s only continued to rise.

In his interview with The Source back in 2014, Rossi said that a friend once asked him what label he’d sign with if he had the opportunity to choose one. He told him that one day he envision himself signing with Jay-Z or Kanye West. His dreams came true in 2013, when he signed to RocNation as a writer/producer. “You can do anything in life as long as you truly believe in yourself,” he said back then.


Appearing on an episode of Scoop B Radio last week, Rossi expanded more on his growth.

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“I come from a musical background,” Rossi told Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. “My family played instruments and I kind of took it to college where I met a lot of people who were doing music.”


“I happened to meet Rico Love when I went to college and just from hanging in Atlanta, meeting people like Pierre Medor and began to just study and just nerve people and I used to bother them every day because I wanted to make beats because nobody wanted to give me beats so eventually I just learned to do it on my own. From there I just kept on practicing my skills with people in Atlanta just producing music and working on my skills and I did a couple records with Mase, I got on a couple Gangsta Grillz, I was just going in as hard as I could and eventually it landed me where I’m at right now.”