I am not sure if there has been a talented more nationally UN-Recognized rap artist in the last 3 years other than White James. A music artist who has made a mix of some of the best street, nightclub, crossover, rock, and even trance music that majority of the country has never heard.

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Is it because unlike the typical attention junkie or social media whore, he despises documenting his every move on social media? Is it because his genre catalog is too vast and listeners can’t keep up? Or is it because those of us in the music industry and even general listeners fail to recognize and talk about a greatly talented rap artist right in-front of our eyes? While I am not quite sure on either answer, I am sure that good music is good music, and his music is damn good.

When music comes from a voice that is so diverse and immediately stands out in a way that no one is remotely close to emulating, and that literally has something uniquely diverse for all audiences, that’s the music artist we all should be paying attention to. If anything was to ever validate my rant, his song and music video “Stalker” justifies why White James should be nationally recognized. Click the link and you decide for yourself.