The number for Wonder Woman‘s opening weekend are in, and they’re exceeding all expectations.

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With a budget of $150 million, the newest DC movie was the most expensive to ever be directed by a woman. The movie’s director, Patty Jenkins, is known for her 2003’ Monster starring Charlize Theron. After that she directed few episodes of Arrested Development and Entourage.

With $100.5 million in North America and an additional $122.5 million internationally, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman can boast the biggest-ever opening weekend for a film directed by a woman.


52 percent of first weekend audiences were women, whereas previous DC and Marvel properties have counted on audiences with a male majority of 60 percent or more. As the first solo movie for a female superhero since Jennifer Garner’s Elektra in 2005, there was plenty of obnoxious speculation as to whether Wonder Woman would sink or swim at the box office. As it shows – she swims quite well.

Wonder Woman is only the 16th superhero movie ever to break $100 million dollars domestically in its opening weekend, and beats out several major Marvel debuts, including Thor (and Thor: The Dark World), Captain America (and Captain America: The Winter Soldier), and even Iron Man.

While its numbers are lower than other DC Universe movies’ opening weekends (including Man of Steel and Suicide Squad), its critical acclaim exceeds all with some calling Wonder Woman the best superhero movie since Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films.