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Bandanna Bonds is a rising artist from North Memphis, Tennessee who recently signed a distribution deal with Burdskool Records. He has been dropping music for the streets since 2015 and now opens up for top artists including Yo Gotti, MoneyBagg Yo, Young Dro, and Plies.

With his heavily anticipated album dropping on today [June 6th], entitled “Hustlin’ Like I’m Broke,” Bonds plans to take the game by a storm. Giving his fans both the gritty and glamorous side of life, Bonds’ is in rare form and his delivery leaves you wanting more.


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Hustlin Like I’m Broke



Q: How would you describe your sound?

Bonds: “If I had to describe my sound and style of music. I think my music is filled with of course a lot of pain, just from the things I’ve went through and the things I’ve seen people go through. And style, I’m not really sure I have one because I like all different kinds of music.”


Q: What do you have plan for this year with your music?

A: “The summer goal is to really you know, leave my mark, you know have a lot of people asking who is Bandanna Bonds […]”


Q: What artist would you say inspire you?

A: “As far as artist that inspire me, um past and present – you know definitely Pac, definitely B.I.G., definitely JayZ, definitely Scarface, um-definitely The Lox. Its so many man. Busta, Eminem. Just different artist […]”


Q: What do you hope fans take from your music?

A: “Um I definitely hope fans listen to the completion of my music. Understand that you can’t put your life in one song, and one song can’t define your music […]”


Q: What sets you apart from others in the rap game?

A: “I mean- I’m just me. It’s kind of normal for humans to associate people with other people […] But as far as the majority, I’m a speak whats on my mind. Know I’m a educate. I’m a south rapper that can really rap […]”

Shot by: Renard Rey